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"Over the Garden Wall" themed Engagement

Updated: Feb 7

When B+C told me they wanted their engagement session to incorporate hints of the animated miniseries "Over The Garden Wall," I was ecstatic! The dark, moody, and eerie vibes of the series lent itself beautifully to the location the couple chose while at the same time the lighthearted interactions and dialogue of the show's characters allowed us to add some genuine fun and adorable moments! If you've seen the series, you probably remember the twisted forest and ominous character The Beast. The old-growth stumps and tangled roots we found during our session reflected beautifully back to the show's antagonist while the dark forest and streams created the perfect setting for the mood.

We decided to get super creative with some props during the session to make this a true Over The Garden wall themed engagement and the results are TO DIE FOR! We stumbled across an old rope swing and the couple being the brave souls they are, hopped right on. I brought my red lanterns (which are always available to use in any session!) and some fairy lights to get creative with. The moments we captured were memorable and SO fun. B even designed and made her own engagement dress and that extra touch made every image that much more meaningful. Enjoy!


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