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Ahhh thank you so much for getting this far! I'll try not to bore you with my bio but honestly that's kinda the nature of these things so hang in there!


Cutting to the chase, professionally speaking I am a wedding photographer AND graphic designer. This is a super cool thing because it means I bring a little something different to the table. Design has allowed me to see the world differently and master the skill of visual communication. As a photographer and designer, I see unique ways to create contrast through the use of depth, color/lighting, proximity, and repetition. I focus on simplifying elements for effective communication and I love trying new perspectives to keep things interesting! This also means I'm very qualified to create custom artwork with your images (invitations, cards, albums, wall art, etc.). 

Moving on from the professional side to the personal! I LOVE adventure. Like ohmygoodness if you want to do an adventurous mountain shoot I would be so happy. The mountains are my happy place and remote camping and hiking is my therapy. I have two main passions and those are photography and exploring the beauty of creation. So please please if you're going on an adventure, take me with you! 


I also have an amazing hubby, Noah, who is my second shooter and happens to be an incredibly talented photographer as well. We just welcomed our baby girl, Shyla,  into the world October 2023 and have two sweet pups Cinnabun and Coca (our favorite photography subjects).



I graduated in 2021 with my Bachelor's of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Liberty University. 

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Raimy was an absolute dream to work with! She is so friendly and you can tell she absolutely loves the work she does. Her talent is incredible to the point that my fiance and I ended up switching photographers two weeks before the wedding because we knew she would be 100% worth it! We were not disappointed and absolutely in love with the service she provided and the gallery we received made all our dreams come true for a future gallery wall. We proceeded to book her for a Christmas mini session and I am now certain that we have found our go to photographer for life."

Hannah + Sam

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