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Autumn Graveyard Engagement

Alright, so first off is a disclaimer: despite being an autumn graveyard session, this engagement wasn’t actually a spooky session. The story and location choice is actually super wholesome and beautiful. 

L+M live close to a very stunning and large memorial ground where they often walk their dog through the expansive paths and gardens. The site offers beautiful hedges, man-made waterfalls, and some very impressive old trees. One of these trees, a stunning massive evergreen, housed M’s favorite haunt on the grounds. It was under this tree that L proposed to her and so naturally, it made for the perfect location for their engagement session a few months later. Choosing a beautiful location for a session is great, having a meaningful tie to that location makes it perfect. It creates so much more depth to the memories we capture there. Not only will those photos remind you of your engagement, but they’ll remind you of all the memories you had at that spot before your engagement as well! Capturing memories is really what this whole photography thing is about- so choose your location wisely. 

The vibe was casual and authentic, with a few notes of elegance. We were incredibly blessed with a warm and sunny late November day (unheard of in Bellingham but oh so welcome). We walked along the grounds, stopping by the famed tree to take shots under, pet a cute dog, danced under archways, laid on a stone path, and soaked in the most gorgeous golden hour November had to offer.


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