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PNW Photoshoot Style Guide

Updated: Feb 7

Snowy Portrait


You have your own unique style that speaks to who you are and how you are perceived by others. Style is a means of personal expression. This guide is meant to help you make an educated decision for optimal visual aesthetic, but isn't meant to hinder your personal expression in any way! My goal as a photographer is to capture moments that you LOVE, and a huge part of that is making sure you are comfortable and in love with what you're wearing! See this style guide as simple suggestions/tips from me to you, not strict rules. Now that's out of the way, ready?


The first and probably most important decision in making your outfit choices is location! When choosing your style for a shoot, keep the visual appearance of the location in mind. Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have ENDLESS variations of nature. We have looming blue mountains with cool toned foothills, we have beaches basked in warm sunsets, vibrant wild flower fields, so plan ahead and know the whether the temperature tone of the area is warm or cool. On that note, a good suggestion is to match your clothing to the scene, don't distract from the background, instead become a part of it. Complement the location. For example, don't wear orange in a forest of green, you'll either look out of place, or like a Hi-Vis hunter!

Also keep in mind the terrain and what gear might be needed (such as hiking shoes, if you want to wear heels you can always change into them after the trek!).

Image of subject complementing their background

Image of walking in the snow


PNW weather is without a doubt unpredictable, but honestly some of the worst weather can produce some of the most intensely beautiful and unique images. Rain or shine (or dense fog and hail), embracing the weather can create beyond rewarding images. So, when moving closer to the date of the shoot, be sure to check the forecast and make clothing choices accordingly. Layering is one of the safest way to be prepared for whatever might fall from the sky. Keep in mind that you can always remove a layer if necessary!

Image of couple with coordinated style


When choosing colors, first remember to complement the session location. If it's fall with colorful leaves, throw some muted orange or soft yellows into your shoot wardrobe! Safe color choices for a setting with warm tones would be muted neutrals, reds, yellow, or oranges (nothing too bright!), for a cooler setting go with neutrals, greens, or blues.

The second color consideration that is crucial to a well planned shoot, is that you complement the other subjects of the shoot's style. That means coordinate your outfits! Don't try to match, that may look cheesy if not done right, simply complement their style and color palette. I always recommend choosing neutral colors when coordinating clothes. neutrals are a sure fire way to get the best visual impact from a scene and not distract from the subject- you! Black, white, beige, creams, and greens are always safe choices. If you do choose a splash of color to incorporate in your outfit, a good idea might be to incorporate that same color as an accent in the other subjects outfit (such as yellow shoes and a yellow hat), in this way you can connect with your partner through visual consistency.

Image of rings


I always tell clients to bring objects that show their personality. Extra jewelry that complements your outfit choice, a hat you love, a weaved belt, classic watch, and extra layers of course! Bring what you love and what you feel makes your style unique!

Again, remember that YOU are the star of the shoot, so try to avoid overly busy accessorizing that distracts from you!

Image of Denim style


Your colors might be muted and calm and your accessories won't be busy but that's ok, because here is where texture takes over with stunning intricacy. Natural materials such as leather, cotton, wool, and DENIM (my fav), have miniscule details that can add an amazing amount of depth and character to an image without being a distraction.

Have an old flight jacket, weaved sweater, or ripped pair of jeans? BRING IT!


Now that we've covered some style ideas, here are a few things you should prooobably not wear. Try to avoid large prints on clothing such as large graphics and logos or distracting patterns. A big red Levi's logo on your shirt pulls the attention away from you and straight to that brand mark.

Avoid Neon colors or bright pinks, bright oranges, and bright reds. Muted reds, yellows, and oranges are fine (they're actually some of my favorite accent colors!). It's best to steer clear of super bright colors because the reflect off-colored light on your skin tones and makes editing a challenge.

Need more inspiration? Check out this gallery below for some PNW style ideas!



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