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Harbst Wedding-featuring a classic Pontiac GTO

Incorporating objects and places into a session that are meaningful to my clients is one of the biggest things I advocate for. There's nothing else that quite makes a session uniquely your own than allowing it to capture who you are and what you love. This wedding took the cake with cherished objects by incorporating a STUNNING Pontiac GTO in the ceremony and bride and groom portraits.

wedding ceremony

J and his dad, Gary, took the GTO on as a project and fixed it up into the masterpiece that it is today. The year of the wedding, Gary passed away. As a tribute to Gary, the GTO was parked right next to the arbor during J and A's ceremony. It was truly a beautiful act.

We took a variety of bride and groom photos during the wedding but the GTO portraits were by far the most meaningful and memorable. J+A snuck away during golden hour to steal away a few intimate moments in the old car. The shots that followed are some of my favorites to this day!

Friendly reminder to always incorporate things that you love into your wedding and sessions! You will NEVER regret it.


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