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Whimsical PNW Fairytale Wedding

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

The wedding vibe was whimsical, the execution of that vibe was incredible. 

The details from B+C’s day have held a special place in my memory ever since their wedding last summer. B+C went all out with DIY projects and because of this, every detail and aspect of their day was dripping with personality! Making their own decorations, signs, arbor, and even the hobbitty vest Conner wore tailored their day specifically to them. Because of this attention to detail, their day was truly one of a kind. Their day deserves an eternal place on my blog because I MUST share these incredible details and moments!

bride and groom portrait

Let’s start with the shoes. Bree ordered historically inspired embroidered boots from American Duchess. I probably took a hundred photos of just these shoes because, DANG. They were incredible and sosoSO fun! Moving on to the dress. You can never go wrong with flowy silk, it photographs incredibly. Silk catches light like no other fabric and Bree’s dress was no exception. It’s also a perfect light material for warm summer days! The dress was A&BE Bridal Shop’s Sorvette by Willowby by Watters.

wedding shoes

The bouquet was probably, no, definitely the most amazing bouquet I’ve ever photographed. Adina at Tangled Roots Floral really outdid herself with the largest bouquet she had ever made. It was phenomenal AND had mushrooms in it. Not to mention the magnetic boutonnieres and lovely flower crown. The colors were so lush and really helped bring alive the fairytale atmosphere.

wedding bouquet

There were so many precious moments I want to talk about but sadly this blog would be waaay too long if I did. So I’ll just highlight my favorite with an image below. This moment was captured during the reception. Bree&Conner had eaten, danced, and toasts were complete. They were simply chilling together, talking, and watching their family and friends tear up the dance floor to their good friends’ live band (Whalien). It was such a tender moment, unplanned, unposed, a genuine memory.

bride and groom portrait


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