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The Barn at Sunrise Ridge, a Classy Summer Wedding

Everything about this summer wedding was an absolute dream! The Barn at Sunrise Ridge was simply incredible. The bride and groom, Sam and Hannah, were such a joy to be around and work with. They never ceased to make each other laugh and that authentic and beautiful love shines through every shot of their day.

Sam and Hannah's wedding was the first wedding to be held at this brand new stunner of a venue. Even with the wedding being the first major event, the staff at The Barn was incredibly efficient and helpful. Heidi and her husband own and run the venue and Heidi is a seasoned wedding coordinator, this combo naturally led to a nearly flawless wedding. The venue itself is a newly renovated dairy barn. It's rustic roots are are vivid but the transformation makes for an overall very classy and timeless atmosphere.

Check out some highlights from their day below!


Bride and groom portrait
Bride and Groom Portrait
Wedding dress

Bride and Groom Portrait

Bride and groom portraits
Bride and groom ceremony
Bride and groom portrait

Groomsmen image
Bride and groom portrait
Bride and groom portrait

Bride and groom portrait
Bridesmaid portrait
Bride and groom portrait

venue setting
Wedding cake

Bridal portrait
Groom portrait

Venue details
Bridesmaid Portraits

Detail Photos
Wedding ceremony
Bride and groom portrait

Bridal portrait
wedding dress
first dance


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